Comments from our Customers

Everyone is loving the jade! I have done quite a few add on and coming up I have lots of full treatments! I love it so much and I doubt I will ever do a regular hot stone ever again. I am surprised how many clients are loving the cold too, but it has gone over so well! --- Melanie Matwichuk, RMT, Kelowna BC

Loving doing the stone treatments and have been doing them since the very evening I returned from the course!! I have found that clients respond so well to the stone treatments that I really can't help using them more often than not!! --- Julie

The people that I have done the jade stone on love it!! I am very happy that I learned it! It is true, I want to use it in every treatment that I do now! --- Amy

I love the Jade Stones,I use it much more than I thought I would in my massages.
Thank you --- Dawn L

I have had a chance now to use the stones and watch the video a couple of times. I wish to applaud you on the beautiful job you did. Really awesome presentation! I love your style and simplicity.

Less is More in most cases. I like the simple way you have presented the Jade with as few stones as possible. Less mess, less time for preparation / clean up, and looks like a "great massage" also. ---LeAnn Harling, Fredericksburg, TX