[J20] Jade Stone Set of 20 with DVD

Set of twenty custom designed Jade stones, plus Jade Stone Massage DVD. Signature set is designed to perform a complete therapeutic or relaxation massage using the most versatile stones. Work deeper with fewer stones. Create your signature massage & spa treatments with only twenty stones

  • Two 2.5" small convex 
  • Two 3.5" medium convex  
  • Two 4.5" large convex 
  • Two 5" cylinders 
  • Two 4.5" medium flat  
  • Two 6" large flat 
  • Eight 2" minis

 This DVD is an excellent foundation to create your signature jade stone massage & spa treatments Shelley Killeen provides step by step full body massage using a set of Healing Jade Massage Stones. Included is information on attributes of Jade, alternating temperatures, benefits and contraindications.
Shelley  is an educator of Jade Stone Massage offering workshops, distributor of Healing Jade Massage Stones, located on Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada.